Residential Application


Please complete the secure form below and submit it to our Customer Service department for review. One of our representatives will be in touch with your shortly to finalize the application.

I authorize Devaney Energy Inc. to check my credit record and to report to Credit Bureaus and lawful recipients my performance of the account applied for. If credit is extended as a result of this application, I agree to pay in full within 10 days after billing date without finance charge. Budget accounts available upon request on which no finance charge is assessed if payments are made as agreed.

In case of errors or inquiries about your bill send your inquiry in writing to Devaney Energy Inc. 177 Wells Avenue, P.O. Box 9120, Newton, MA 02459 (on a separate sheet) so that we may receive it within 60 days after the bill was mailed to you. Your written inquiry must include:

Your name and account number (if any)
A description of the error and why (to what extent you can explain) you believe it is an error; and
The dollar amount of the suspected error.
You remain obligated to pay the parts of your bill not in dispute, but you do not have to pay any amount in dispute during the time the Creditor is resolving the dispute. During the same time, the Creditor may not take action to collect disputed amounts or report disputed amounts as delinquent.

In compliance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 93C your letter will be acknowledged within 14 days of receipt and handling concluded within 60 days or a maximum of 120 days if further correspondence about the matter is necessary.

Finance Charges
Regular Accounts - There will be a finance charge computed by a periodic rate of 1-1/2% per month for a balance existing after thirty (30) days from the closing date, which is an annual percentage rate of 18%. Finance charges may be avoided by paying the "new balance" before the billing date of the next month.

Budget Accounts - No finance charge when payments are made in accordance with budget credit terms.

Automatic fuel oil deliveries may be discontinued if account is not kept current.

The customer will be required to pay the company's costs of collection, including reasonable attorney's fees, if this account is not paid when due.

Cancellation of your account at any time for any reason must be done in writing and sent to P.O Box 9120, Newton, MA 02459-9120.